Renzo Arbore's greatest passion is probably radio. Surely radio is his "first love", and he has showed that recently by dedicating much of his newest television program, "Speciale per me" to radio. We never forget our first love.
In 1964 Renzo Arbore starts working in radio as master-programmer. Only a year later, in 1965, he starts "Bandiera Gialla" ("Yellow Flag") with Gianni Boncompagni, a program of current international music intended for a young audience. Along the same lines, two years later he produces and hosts "Per voi giovani" ("For you, youth"), an innovative program not only in content but also in format and in time placement. This is in fact the first experiment with a daytime musical radio show. It's 1967.
1970 is the year of "Alto Gradimento" ("Highly Satisfactory"). Even though there is much we can say about this program, we would like to simply invite you to listen to a few excerpts choosing from any of the radio files available on this site. You'll find yourself listening to something you might categorize as fresh and contemporary and because of this fact (and only because of this fact) you might actually think you are listening to today's radio. "Alto Gradimento", which is written and hosted by Arbore (in collaboration with Boncompagni) is 35 years old, but you could never tell! And, if we wanted to state that this unforgettable and unforgotten radio program has affected the history of radio by substituting the old script with exuberant and inspired improvisation that even today is looked at as an example of the best live radio, we could because we are confident we are saying the truth. Arbore will make live improvisation his artistic credo for all his future shows, in television and in radio. It is a choice born out of a fresh interpretation of the idea of entertainment, where the atmosphere is intimate and spontaneity is valued. .
Later, when other commitments with television, and later with film, keep Arbore away from radio, he will never miss the opportunity to give tribute to "his first love". That is the case with the celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of RAI, in 1984, when he conceives and produces "Cari amici vicini e lontani" ("Dear friends, far and near") bringing together for the first time television and radio in a festive and original pairing celebrating legendary radio personalities, which at long last return to being protagonists together with radio itself which is always the protagonist in Arbore's programs and in his heart.



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